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WonderPhil's Magic Loot Bags

Have you recieved one of WonderPhil's amazing party magic kits? These are filled with magic tricks that you can do at home for your friends and family. The loot bags all come with instructions for the tricks, but for easier learning, there are some video tutorials below to help you learn faster.


Colour Vision Magic Box



The Colour Vision (Color Vision) box is one of the best "starter" tricks on the market. It's easy to do, it's amazing, and it's also really, really deceptive. It's also one of those tricks where the secret is as cool as the trick!!!


The presentation is like this: You hand your volunteer a cube that's got a different colour on all sides. They put the cube in a box, which you can't see through. The box, in fact, can be examined completely. Even then, you can reveal the colour that your volunteer chose. How cool is that?

The secret involves putting the lid on the box a special way. First, place it normally so it can be examined. Then, behind you back, move the lid to the SIDE of the box. Bring it out from behind your back again and, as you'lll see in the video, the colour is now right there staring you in the face! Easy? YES! But still, this will take practice and rehearsal for it to truly be amazing. You don't want to stare at the box and make it obvious you can see the colour. You want to pretend you are really doing mind reading. Enjoy this mentalism tutorial! And enjoy amazing your friends and family!!!



The Magic Paddle Trick



The Magic Paddle uses one of the oldest magic priciples in the world. The illusion is that magicians show something that appears on two sides of a paddle. Then the image changes, or moves. In the above video, The Magic Guy, a Toronto magiciain, demonstrates the paddle trick with a popular rabbit paddle. Here, there is a picture of a hat that looks empty. Then a picture of a rabbit appears in the hat!
If you got a magic paddle in a magic kit, it may look different than the one in the video. The instructions still work though, so watch it and enjoy your fun prop. It’s a great one for amazing friends and family. It’s also easy to learn. It takes some practice though, and it may take a bit of time to get the hang of it.
Your paddle will have an image on one side, and a different image on the other. You have to turn the paddle over in a special way that makes it look like you are showing both sides, while really showing just one. To do this, hold the paddle loosely between your thumb and fingers so that one side of the paddle is facing away from you.
Rotate your wrist, as if you are about to turn the paddle over to show the other side. As you rotate your wrist, your thumb and finger will spin the paddle away from you, just half a rotation. The result is that even though you turned your wrist, the same side is facing towards your audience.
To make the magic happen, give the paddle a shake. While it’s shaking, actually turn it around. When you stop shaking there will be a different image facing out. This may sound complicated because it’s hard to visualize what is happening. So take a look at the video and see how it’s done.



The Circus Card Trick



Here's a great trick you can do with the playing cards. The trick will work well with the mini deck of playing cards as well as a regular, or even giant sized back. Watch the video now, and then go practice. See if you can trick your friends!


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Solar Stage Children’s Theatre


“He sold out all three shows today! Wonderphil is always a big hit with both kids and adults. So glad to have him in the house on this long weekend!”

Aneta, Park'N Fly Toronto


"I’ve been involved with organizing Children’s Christmas Parties for our company for many years now and I have to tell you, that your show received amazing feedback from the kids and the parents. It truly was one of the best I had a chance to experience so far! Thank you for helping us making this day truly magical."

Councillor Justin Di Ciano


"Thank you, the kids loved it!"

John Fanous (Google Canada)


"You did a tremendous job. I received feedback from several Google families saying how much their kids (and parents) enjoyed the show. Thanks again!"

Carlie Flynn


"WonderPhil is a terrific entertainer. He delighted all the guests at the 5th birthday party, ages 2-70."

Alicia P


"Hilarious and entertaining for all ages! I was afraid to host a party for 12 kids ranging in age from 4-8 years, at my house. How would I keep them entertained?!? WonderPhil did it for me! He had everyone (including adults) laughing and in awe of his magic. Highly engaging and made the time fly by! I recommend WonderPhil for ANY birthday party!"

Joey Enzo


"(My class) loved it! Super Interactive, lots of laughter... I highly recommend his services."

Jamie, Mix 106.5


"Thank you so much, we got so much feedback about how awesome your show is."

Hanieh R


"We had an amazing moment in my son’s 6th birthday. The magic show was awesome. The kids stay focused on the magic show for one hour!!! I just want to say thank you for your amazing magic show. I highly recommend this show for any events."

Skyline Group


"I just wanted to let you know that we received only 5-star reviews for your performance!"

Geneva Centre for Autism


“Phil joined our Adult Social Club for a 30minute virtual magic show and he was fantastic! He positively engaged with participants and participants reported that they loved the magic show. Phil is enthusiastic and full of energy which makes the session even more fun. Thank you Phil!”


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