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Magicians and kids parties have gone hand and hand for a long time, and not just because kids love magic. The fact is that the amazement experienced during a real live magic show simply can’t be duplicated on television or anywhere else, and every moment of true amazement creates memories that will last a long time. So let the magician entertain the kids for a while, and give yourself a chance to relax--you'll surely have a great time, too!

Why am I the Magician to hire?

There’s a difference between knowing a few tricks and actually being a magician. As with any other type of entertainment, magic takes a lot of practice, experience and, of course, talent. When you hire me, you can be sure you are booking a real magician, someone who knows how to present a show in a way the kids will truly enjoy.

Performing professionally for over fifteen years, I’ve appeared at public events for companies such as Chapters, Swiss Chalet, and The Bay, and have made several TV appearances, including one on Toronto’s Breakfast Television. More importantly, I’ve entertained at countless kids parties just like the one you’re planning, and I leave my audiences always wanting more.

A Half Hour of Magic

30 minutes of magic and comedy that will amaze and delight everyone at the party. The show starts off with a fun introduction that gets the whole audience excited for the show. Then the kids begin to think they've caught on to how a trick is done, only to be surprised when the impossible happens right before their eyes! From there the magic keeps coming, and the whole audience gets involved in the show, and some of the children even get to come up and help make the magic happen.

The “Even More Magic” Magic Show

This is the show most of my clients book me for. At 45 minutes, the act is 50% longer which means more than just more magic. It means more opportunities for the kids to get involved, and for the birthday child to step into the spotlight. The magic in all of my kids shows is tailored to the audience, but for younger children, this show concludes with a drawing coming to life to talk to them, and it even sings!