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The following is some advice on helping to ensure you get your money's worth when you invite a magician to be the entertainment for your party. While you're visiting the site, be sure to check out more information about Toronto's Magic Guy and see how he can be the best choice amongst the area magicians to put on a show for your upcoming event.

You may also want to look at other party planning tips on the site, and also the videos on the show pages (above).

The entertainment should cater to the event; the event shouldn't have to cater to the entertainment. That being said, Phil Pivnick has a lot of experience performing magic at functions of all types and sizes, and has picked up quite a few tips that can help things run as smooth as possible for everyone.

General Tips

Questions you may be asked: upon booking a magic show, Phil will enquire about the venue and its location, as well as the number of guests. He'll also ask about performing conditions, which include indoor vs outdoor, the amount of tables (for table hopping performances) and how the audience in group performances will be seated.

Let the magician know if the event you are planning is meant to be a surprise. This is especially important if your contact information is the same as those being surprised!

Birthday Party Magic

Magicians have long been associated with kid's birthday parties, but magic can be enjoyed at a party for any age group. In fact, having this type of entertainment at an adult's birthday can be a whole lot of fun.

Who is the party for? The magician will ask you this ahead of time but, to be sure, let him know upon arrival who the celebrator is.

Is this meant to be a surprise? With a little forewarning, the magician can do his best to arrive and prepare the show as discretely as possible.

So called "living room shows" don't have to be in the living room, but wherever they are you'll want to ensure the setup allows for maximum visibility. ideally, there should be a few feet of space between the magician and the audience, and all spectators should be positioned so that they are in front of the "stage." if this isn't possible, it would be best to let the magician know ahead of time so that adjustments to his presentation can be arranged.

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Table Hopping Magic

An experienced table hopping magician like Phil Pivnick, is used to approaching guests while they mingle, or sit at their tables; however, some party planners do like to alert their guests to the magician's presence ahead of time.

Let the magician know at the time of booking if there is going to be a children's table, so he can be sure to prepare just the right material for them.

At events with a guest or guests of honour, such as a bride and groom, their presence will likely be in high demand. if you wish to have the magician perform at their table, be sure to let him know when the most appropriate time would be. Or, arrange to have him summoned when the moment's right.